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You saw a garden dormouse? Please support our research and notify us of your observation, gladly with photos or video:

Over and over again, garden dormice are killed by predators, like the fox, house cat or an owl. Sometimes it happens that these animals are not eaten, but lie dead or are brought home by the cat. On occasion garden dormice also drown in unsecured rain barrels or basement shafts.

These dead animals can provide important information as test material. Please contact us if you have found a dead garden dormouse.

Are you interested in supporting research on garden dormouse in your region?

Please feel free to contact us on site:

BUND Naturschutz in Bavaria
Uwe Friedel
gaertenschlaefer (at) bund-naturschutz.de

BUND Hesse
Susanne Steib
gartenschlaefer (at) bund-hessen.de

BUND Lower Saxony
Andrea Krug
andrea.krug (at) nds.bund.net

BUND North Rhine-Westphalia
Christine Thiel-Bender
christine.thiel-bender (at) bund.net

BUND Rhineland-Palatinate
Julia Dreyer
gartenschlaefer (at) bund-rlp.de

BUND Thuringia
Anita Giermann
a.giermann (at) bund-thuringia.de


Please address any further questions you may have about our commitment:

BUND Volunteer Management
Andrea Andersen
andrea.andersen (at) bund.net