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Reporting tool for the garden dormouse

The special reporting tool is aimed at all those who want to join in the “search for the garden dormouse” in Germany. Here all sightings can be entered online on the website. It is not only about the garden dormouse, but also edible dormouse, hazel dormouse and tree dormouse can be reported. In addition to the location and date, pictures, videos and sound documents can also be uploaded.

With this material, the experts involved in scientific research make a verification of the respective find. With the consent of the finder, the images of the animal are published along with the verified message in the map. This gives an overview of the existing populations of the garden dormouse in Germany.

The initial search call was published in early April 2019. During the first three months already 500 sightings of the garden sleeper have been reported.

The reporting tool for the garden dormouse is only available in German and looks like this:

(mid of June 2019)